How it works

This site is organized like this:

First Principles

On the most basic level, we have First Principles.

These are principles that generally apply. They state facts, not tips and tricks. It usually reveals the nature of a group of food.


Then we have Corollaries.

They follow from First Principles, but are not practical advise either.

Different than in a mathematical context, here a Corollary might follow from more than one First Principles.


After Corollaries we have Applications.

Applications are tips and tricks that we can make use of in our daily kitchen life. They come from one or more First Principles or Corollaries.


Finally, there are Recipes.

A Recipe here is different from most of the other recipes out there. Different in that the reasons and motivations behind each step are explained using our First Principles, Corollaries, and Applications. Especially the unusual and seemingly extra steps.

With this knowledge, it’s easy for you to tweak and learn from classic dishes and incorporate that into your own cooking.