About the site

I created this website because I’m tired of recipe sites.

I like recipe sites, but they are missing something: they don’t talk about the whys.

Why should I do this step?
How does it affect the final dish?
And what happens if I skip it?

I had no idea when reading others’ recipes.

Maybe because the author doesn’t know either.
Maybe because the author doesn’t feel like it’s necessary. People aren’t interested in the whys, they are just here to grab the recipe.

I disagree.

I believe there are cooking enthusiasts out there who care about the whys.
Because it satisfies their curiosity.
Because they want to cook unique food for their family.
Because it allows them to tweak existing recipes to their likings. Or even invent new ones.

Sounds like you? Great, I created this website for people like you.

My goal of this website is to help you become a chef, not a cook, by cooking from first principles.
You will be able to make food tailored for you and your family.
You will be able to make food with what’s left in the fridge, without looking up recipes by those ingredients.
Most importantly, you will have way more fun and way more control in the kitchen.

See you there.